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Convertible car sales soar

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The number of convertibles on Britain's roads has doubled over the last ten years, new research has found.


A study by LV= revealed that there are nearly one million  such vehicles being driven today, which could see sales of soft top cleaner increase as well.


One in four drivers put the roof down regardless of the weather conditions, with half of those questioned saying they would rather switch their heater on than have the top up.


Sales of convertible cleaner could go up among those aged 50 and above, as the survey found that almost one-fifth bought their first drop-top at this age, with 13 per cent claiming they are a good way of making them feel young again.


One in ten respondents said they purchased a soft-top to impress friends and family, while 30 per cent stated that owning such a vehicle has always been a dream of theirs.


John O'Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance, noted that many drivers enjoy feeling the wind in their hair.


"The British love affair with convertibles is one of the unique ironies of our island nation and our research has shown just how dedicated convertible owners are to making the most of their motors – come rain or shine," he added.


Mr O'Roarke went on to warn that such motors are targets for vandals given their desirability.


According to the study, the Mercedes SLK is the most popular drop-top, followed by the Renault Megane Dynamique VVT Convertible, the Peugeot 206 CC Allure, the MG F 1.81 and the Toyota MR2.


The team at Victory Detailing recently revamped a soft-top, stating that convertible cleaner revitalised the hood and enhanced the overall look of the car.


They used a specially-formulated solution to treat the black top, stating that the owner was pleased with the end result.

A clean fabric hood ‘can take a car’s look to the next level’

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Those who have invested in a convertible need to treat it with the right amount of care and attention, particularly the fabric hood.

As it is made from a different material to the bodywork, it accumulates dirt and grit in a different way, with contaminants able to stick to the fibres of the roof.

That means drivers need to use specific soft top cleaners to make sure that the vehicle looks as handsome and stylish as the manufacturer intended it to be.

The team at Victory Detailing recently revitalised a customer's fabric hood with a specialist soft top cleaner and were pleased with the results.

"Our specially formulated convertible top cleaner was able to treat and clean the top well. The black convertible top looked fresh again and brought the car's overall appearance to the next level," the experts noted.

Peter Doyle, writing for the Metro Canada, said recently that car exterior care involves cleaning, polishing and protection.

Posted by James Robson

Meguiar’s car care products the perfect Father’s Day treat?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Meguiar's is one of the most recognised companies in the vehicle care business thanks to their range of top class car waxes and car shampoo.

The company has a solution for just about every area of auto detailing, with the Smooth Surface Clay Bar Kit allowing drivers to tackle contaminants stuck to the bodywork, while the Mirror Glaze Professional Paste Wax will make the paint glisten like new.

Soft top cleaner is another option, with the Convertible and Cabriolet Cleaner able to protect fabric hoods against the elements.

And with Father's Day fast approaching, Meguiar's products could be the perfect gift for dad, according to the Globe and Mail's Rob MacGregor.

"Does dad prefer to wash the car himself? Then he'll appreciate a car detailing kit with all the bells and whistles. Meguiar's carries a range of cleaning products, including detail clay, Ultimate Paste Wax and Quick Wax that are recommended by professional detailers," he added.

Autoglym products could also put a smile on dad's face, according to the company's chief executive officer Paul Caller.

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Car polish essential for Citroen’s award-winning beauty?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Car polish may be high on the list of priorities for owners of the new Citroen DS4, recently vote Most Beautiful Car of the Year in an internet poll.

And car shampoo could help keep the model looking like it just rolled out of the showroom, as more than 60,000 web surfers agree on the attractiveness of the vehicle, with the award presented at the official ceremony of the 26th International Automobile Festival on Thursday (January 27th).

Citroen claims the machine "fully honours the philosophy of the DS line, with its bold stance on styling, driving sensations, architecture and sophistication", indicating owners will be inspired to keep it in excellent condition.

Other candidates for the award likely to enjoy lots of car polish attention include the BMW 5 Series Sedan, whose design was described as "charismatic, elegant and sporting".

Convertible cleaner would be useful for a third contender, the Renault Wind, a two-seater soft-top car which rolls down in just 12 seconds.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

Autoglym products ‘make great Christmas presents’

Friday, November 26th, 2010

One of the best things for motoring enthusiasts to receive on Christmas Day is car cleaning products and Autoglym has a range which will put a smile on the face of every detailing fan.

The company has a range of gift packs which will make perfect presents for those with a love of cars, including the Autoglym Polished Perfection Set and the Autoglym Concours Collection Gift Set.

Other goodies which can be put under the tree include the company's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and for girls, the Autoglym Pink Cosmetics for Cars Collection is a great choice.

Chief executive at the firm Paul Caller said that motoring fans will be smiling from ear to ear if they find these products in the pile of presents.

"They're the perfect choice for those who really want to spoil their loved ones over the festive season with a gift that can be used again and again throughout the year," he added.

The Special Gifts blog made a similar point recently, claiming that a detailing kit is a sure-fire winner of a Christmas present.

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Soft-top protection products ‘are highly recommended’

Monday, September 27th, 2010

After cleaning a soft-top roof, drivers would be well advised to apply a water repellent or protective product to help the hood keep its lustre.

Tudor Raiciu, from autoevolution, said that there are numerous steps to follow when cleaning a fabric top but that it is not an especially complicated process.

Among the tips he offered are using a sprayer on a low level so as not to damage the material, while those cleaning it by hand should use a soft-scrub car cleaning brush and gently wash the roof.

After this, drivers can begin the real washing process and apply soft-top cleaners to get rid of any deep-sitting dirt.

Finally, motorists should use a protective product, which not only stops water damage but also works against other elements.

"[It] is also effective against UV rays, smog, tree sap, bird droppings and dirt," Mr Raiciu said.

Driver should under no circumstances think that household cleaning agents will offer the same protection as dedicated car cleaning products, as they are likely to do more harm than good, Deutshce Press-Agentur recently claimed.

Posted by Matt Casson

Meguiar’s ‘has a massive fan base’

Friday, August 27th, 2010

The quality of Meguiar's Convertible and Cabriolet Cleaner, Bug and Tar Remover and Clear Coat Liquid Wax has seen the company establish a massive fan base.

David Evans, general manager at Meguiar's, made the claim after it was announced that the company has teamed up with Wyatt PR for a series of new marketing campaigns.

He stated that over the next 12 months, fans of Meguiar's car exterior care products can look forward to various exhibitions and marketing drives which he hopes will raise the company's profile even higher.

"Meguiar's has an unbelievable fan base with our advocates winning over more customers every day," Mr Evans stated.

According to a recent entry on Articles Directory from CarCleaningGuru, Meguiar's Slide Lock Brush is one of the best detailing tools that money can buy.

Among its many benefits is the fact that it is strong, versatile and safe to use on many different surfaces.

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Autoglym soft-top cleaners praised

Friday, July 30th, 2010

DrivingThe Autoglym Fabric Hood Maintenance Kit has been recommended for use on the roof of a TVR Chimaera by one car enthusiast.

In a thread on Pistonheads Gassing, a car fan by the name of FreeLitres asked which product is best for maintaining the roof of the TVR and giving it the best finish.

A response from V8 GRF said that any one of Autoglym’s convertible roof kits would get the job done, adding that the protection they offer is very good.

"You’ll have to be patient to get all the foam out of the centre panel but it does a good job. Then use the sealant. After use rain will ‘bead’ on the surface," the enthusiast stated.

He went on to add that once this beading effect stops, the convertible maintenance kit should be used once again.

Another car exterior care product of Autoglym’s which was recently recommended is the High Definition Wax.

Ben Groves, a freelance researcher and writer, said in an article on that while it may be more expensive than other waxes, it is better than most of them.

Posted by Simone Williams