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Bug cleaner could help to get car back in top condition

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Bug cleaner and wheel cleaners may have been among the items used by two men from Deeside, Scotland after they entered their Subaru Impreza in a series of races.

According to the Deeside Piper and Herald, Geoff Goudie and Calum Jaffray had to contend with tricky conditions including fog, thick mud and heavy rain while competing in the Colin McRae Forest Stages in Perthshire earlier this month.

Prior to this the duo also took part in the Speyside Stages Forest Rally based in Elgin in August and a July rally in Crail, all of which may have increased their need for quality car cleaning products.

These could help their vehicle remain in its best possible condition in the near future as the news source noted they are now hoping to enter next year's Scottish Championships.

Ed Miliband may also have a good selection of car brushes as pictures in the Daily Mail recently showed an unknown lady cleaning the Labour leader's car outside his north London home.

Posted by James Robson 

Remove ‘bugs as soon as possible’

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Investing in bug cleaner could prove to be a shrewd move, as it is important to get rid of insect splats as soon as possible.

That is according to Joseph Guerrieri, a driver from Florida, who told that the love bug problem currently blighting areas of the US represents a real problem for cars and their delicate paint jobs.

The acidity of bug splats means that a significant number could have a serious impact on how a vehicle looks and may see motorists having to splash out on a re-spray.

"When you get the love bugs on, you got to get them off right away. Otherwise, they are going to damage your car," Mr Guerrieri told the news provider.

One driver who can vouch for this is Doug Brann, owner of Doug Brann Paint and Body Repair, who told the Associated Press that the acidity is so ferocious that it went through the paint on his wife's new motor.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Bird droppings ‘must be removed straight away’

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Bug cleaner, car shampoo and microfibre cloths are items that drivers may wish to have in stock at all times, as they are essential for removing bird dropping, tree sap and insect splats effectively.

According to an entry on the blog, such contaminants must be cleaned off straight away otherwise they can cause untold damage to the car's paint.

The source stated that this is one of the five most essential tasks which drivers must carry out in between detailing jobs.

"These spots have a high level of acidity that eats through the wax on your car and starts to damage the actual paintwork over time. The faster you get it off the paintwork the less damage it will cause," the article added.

Research carried out last year by Autoglym found that bug splats can cause just as much damage to a car as bird droppings and that drivers must be vigilant and remove them on a regular basis.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Bugs ‘can do untold damage to a car’s paint’

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Drivers may think that small insects splattered against their paint cannot do that much harm but nothing could be further from the truth.

Lisa Heims-Stout, owner of Auto Butler, told the that insect splats are something which should be cleaned up as soon as possible, as the consequences could be dire otherwise.

Highlighting the need for a good bug cleaner, Ms Heims-Stout said that dead bugs can corrode the paint and this is especially true in the summer, when the heat accelerates the process.

"People don't understand what can happen with bugs; they can be baked in with heat. If you don't get them off and it rains, it sets them in the clear coat," she told the website.

Motorists should also invest in a good car shampoo, with Ms Heims-Stout going on to add that ideally, vehicles should be washed once a week.

Research carried out last year by Autoglym highlighted just how much damage dead insects can do, with the company stating that bugs and bird lime can begin to degrade paint in little over ten minutes.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Insect splats ‘damage car paint just as much as bird droppings’

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The importance of investing in bug cleaner has been highlighted by new research which shows insect splats are just as damaging to a car's paint job as bird droppings.

According to research by Autoglym, dead bugs have the same levels of acidity as bird faeces and any which are left on the bodywork will begin to eat away at the lacquer protecting the paint.

The company employed the help of Tom Chilton and his team AON Ford Focus to drive around Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk at 144.5 mph and then used its Active Insect Remover on the dead insects.

It found that the bug cleaner worked extremely well in removing the bugs and Paul Caller, chief executive at Autoglym, urged motorists to remove insects from their paint as soon as possible.

"Acidic deposits – bug splats and bird lime – can begin to degrade lacquer after just ten minutes," he said.

Mr Caller also recommended using premium car waxes to offer a further level of protection.

Freelance writer Phil Reusch made a similar point in an entry on Ezine Articles, claiming that dead insects can cause significant damage to a car's paint job if left untreated.

Posted by Simone Williams