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Research Shows White Cars are Tops for Resale Value

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

White Cars Tops at Holding Value

Taking the time to find the best polish for white cars can prove to be an added bonus when it comes to selling your car. Research by CAP has revealed that a well polished white car can fetch more that 8% more in value compared to other colours, when it comes to selling your car in the used vehicle market. (more…)

New Extreme Shield Car Wax from Armor All

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Armor All(r) have announced the details of their new Extreme Shield Car Wax.

New Armor All Extreme Shield Car Wax

This new car wax which is to be officially launched in the Spring has been developed to provide a “no haze” formula that is both simple to wipe on and wipe off. With a revolutionary polymer formula that provides protection from the elements and supreme beading the manufacturers sought to develop a (more…)

New Superhydrophobic technology leads way for “self cleaning” cars

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

A new breakthrough in surface technology could soon make life a whole lot easier for millions of motorists. The latest development in “superhydrophobic” coating materials could see a new breed of car care products that when applied to your paintwork makes it so slick that it effectively becomes “self cleaning”.

This new coating material is so repellent that any liquid placed on this coating simply rolls off without touching the underlying surface. The developers also claim on their website that when grime or dirt ¬†accumulates on the surface, a simple light spray of water grabs the dust and because the water is repelled by the superhydrophobic surface, it then also simply rolls away. Video demonstrations of the new coating material show some very impressive results of this in action. (more…)

Ideal Christmas gifts for those that love their cars.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

With Christmas fast approaching you may be thinking of buying your loved one a present for their loved one – their car.

Many car enthusiasts spend the weekend cleaning and waxing their prized possession with the best cloths and car shampoo around so surely it makes sense to buy them a Christmas prezzie that aids them in their enjoyment.

US website has produced a handy little list of car-related gifts your loved one is sure to adore.

As you would expect, the list features many products that are available only in the states so we've decided to look at the recommendations for products they've made that can be purchased on this side of the pond.

Riding high on the list is glass cleaner. PhillyBurbs says that keeping glass clean is a difficult task so your car obsessed loved on needs a cleaner that is up to the job and leaves the glass as clear as crystal.

Clay bars are another gift the website is keen to suggest. As all car owners know, weather will eventually take its toll on your beautiful finish. Clay bars will smooth and clean up your body work, taking years of your car's appearance.

One none car cleaning product they suggest is a Garmin GPS 265 Sat Nav.

They say: "No matter where you go or how good someone's sense of direction may be, you can never go wrong with a GPS. If you have a big traveller this is a must gift to give. This would make a great gift for the men in your family that refuse to ask for directions."

A few years back people were generally weary of using satellite navigations systems and stories of them sending people the wrong way down one-way streets were commonplace, but now they are an essential item for anyone hitting the road.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Jaguar sets off on US road trip

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

A beautifully polished Jaguar XF 2.2 litre diesel has set off on a journey of a lifetime around the United States.

The car left New York on Tuesday morning (November 8th) and aims to arrive in Los Angeles, California seven days later – a trip which spans more than 2,800 miles and takes in the scenery of 11 states.

British test drivers Alexander and David Madgwick are at the helm, and the purpose of the journey is to test just how economical the car's four cylinder engine is.

The standard model, which can still achieve torque of 332 lbs ft and hit top speeds of 140 MPH, was shipped from Jaguar's HQ in Coventry, making it the first ever diesel the car manufacturer has had in the United States.

A tracking device has been fitted and interest parties can follow its progress by visiting Jaguar's Facebook and Twitter pages, where new images will be posted each day.

Posted by Simone Williams

Brits clueless over car maintenance

Monday, October 24th, 2011

A new study has found that many Brits are clueless when it comes to car maintenance.

According to price comparison website, 72 per cent of car owners do not how to check brake fluid levels and 69 per cent haven't the foggiest when it comes to monitoring engine coolant.

Katie Shephard, spokesperson for the road safety charity Brake, believes that knowing how to look after your vehicle is imperative if you are to avoid endangering yourself and others.

"It's vital that drivers are doing regular maintenance checks of their vehicle to ensure they are safe on the road," she said.

Gareth Kloet,'s head of car insurance, added: "Car maintenance is essential. We all love a bit of TLC so don't forget your cars need a helping hand too."

And with cars costing so much it's not just the inside you should look after.

Vad Samarin, editor of, said recently that keeping windows and headlights clean as well as wiper blades in good condition was every bit as important as maintaining a healthy engine.

The Car Care Council have issued a handy guide to ensuring that your prized possession stays spic and span.

It suggests your vehicle should be washed using car shampoo at least once a week and polished at least every six months to ensure the paintwork keeps its beautiful shine.

It points out that the best time to wash your car is straight after a rain shower as the effects of weather can have a major effect on bodywork if not seen to speedily.

Although water quickly evaporates, acid rain, caused by changes in the environment, leaves behind a residue that if not cleaned will eat into the vehicle's finish.

Cleaning with high performance microfibre cloths and clay bars will ensure that your car maintains that brand new showroom look.

Drivers ‘should apply car waxes the week before Halloween’

Friday, October 21st, 2011

On the surface, Halloween may not seem much of a threat to cars, however, there are plenty of things that could leave the paintwork battered and bruised.

Jim Policare, a body shop director at Vinart Collison Center, told that egg whites, bird droppings and bug splats can leave the bodywork looking tired and cause lasting damage if not addressed quickly.

The news provider spoke to several motoring experts about how drivers can protect their vehicles during this period.

According to the gurus, applying car waxes is the best defence against contaminants floating around at this time of year.

They recommended putting them on a week before Halloween, adding that not only will it protect the vehicle during this period, the wax will last way beyond this to provide a safeguard during the colder winter months.

This is particularly important given that salt and grit will more than likely be used to melt ice on the roads.

Rich White, executive director at the Car Care Council, stated recently that regular car maintenance can save drivers money in the long run.

Posted by Simone Williams

Men who love their cars ‘more likely to be aggressive drivers’

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Men who spend hours on end applying car waxes and car polishes may be more aggressive drivers, it has been claimed.

Ayalla Ruvio, assistant professor of marketing at Temple University Fox School of Business, carried out a study which suggested gents who see vehicles as an extension of themselves are more likely to break the law, the Daily Mail reports.

The research – published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing – revealed that motorists who view a car as part of their identity are less considerate of other road users and are hostile to people imposing on space they see as theirs.

"We know men tend to be more aggressive drivers and we know men tend to see their cards as an extension of themselves more than women," Ms Ruvio noted.

Research from found that ladies see car maintenance as a man's job and are prepared to let their better half take charge of such tasks.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Carnauba wax ‘leaves paintwork slick and protected’

Friday, October 14th, 2011

After spending hours washing a car with car shampoo and wash mitts and then taking it a step further with clay bars, drivers need to protect their shiny bodywork.

Without adequate protection in place, all the hard work they put in will have been in vain.

Luckily, there are products designed to provide a shield against the stones, grit and bird droppings that can wreak havoc on a car's paintwork.

Car waxes are essential detailing products and not only will they protect the bodywork, they will also enhance the shine.

This is something highlighted by the team at Victory Detailing when they detailed a client's vehicle recently.

"To deliver a deep glossy shine we applied a coat of carnauba wax … After removing the wax the surface felt slick, coated and protected," the experts said.

According to, it is important to apply car waxes to smooth surfaces for the best results.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Car’s looks ‘need to be maintained’

Monday, October 10th, 2011

It is important a car looks good whether it has done 75 or 75,000 miles and that means putting in the time and effort in maintaining its lustre.

Car waxes, car shampoo and car polishes are among the products that will allow drivers to protect their paint from the elements and help them avoid expensive re-spray jobs.

This is something endorsed by Ray Cox, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, who said that the older a vehicle gets, the more likely the paint will suffer from scratches, oxidation and chipping.

He recommended putting in the time and effort to safeguard the bodywork from potential threats.

"Wash and wax your car regularly and if you can, keep your vehicle in the garage to protect it from the elements," Mr Cox noted.

Recent research by found that the majority of women still see car maintenance as a job for men to carry out.

Posted by Matt Casson