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Partners are driving each other around the bend

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Following recent research by the AA which said a large proportion of drivers are regularly distracted by their passengers; a subsequent survey of road users by insurance provider Aviva says that more than half of women get wound up when their partner is in the car with them.

Some 53 per cent of lady car lovers said that they feel stressed or nervous when driving their partner anywhere and this has an adverse effect on their driving skills.
In contrast, one in ten male drivers said that having the partner with them improves their driving as it makes them a much more cautious motorist. (more…)

Gleaming Bentley helps raise £240,000 for Children in Need

Monday, November 21st, 2011

A beautifully polished Bentley Continental GTC helped this year's Children in Need campaign raise £240,000.

The car, which boasts a top speed of 195mph, went under the hammer at a star-studded action in Manchester and attracted a string of bids from celebrities.

Take That star and current X Factor judge Gary Barlow hosted the event and started things off by tabling his own bid as well as promising to personally deliver it to whoever won the auction.

Jon Crossley, managing director of Bentley Manchester, made all the arrangements for the vehicle to be part of the glittering auction and said that the response from the 400 guests at the Hilton Hotel had taken his breath away.

He added: “Above all this has been an incredibly good result for Children in Need. The fact that the new owners are Bentley enthusiasts and love these cars is a bonus for us. We’re looking forward to welcoming them and their unique car to the dealership for many years to come.”

On top of getting the gleaming car delivered to them by a current X Factor judge, the winner bidder was invited to spend a day at Bentley's factory so that they can select which woods and leathers they want for the car's interior.

But that's not all, the interior will be decorated with the signatures of some of the celebrities at the event as a special memento for the generosity showed. Surely a car that the proud new owner will want to care for with the best car polishes and shampoos on the market.

Supporters of the event included Kelly Rowland, Chris Moyles, Coleen Rooney and pop group JLS.

The £240,000 raised contributed to a £26 million total raised for Children in Need on Friday night. It was the highest figure the campaign has raised on record and up some £8 million on last year.

Posted by Louise Tate 

Driven to distraction – nagging passengers put strain on drivers.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Many female drivers say they face a constant bombardment of criticism over their skills on the road when they have a male passenger.

According to the AA, 58 per cent of ladies are nagged at by their partners or male family members when they get behind the wheel.

But women aren't innocent either, with 50 per cent of men saying their motoring ability has been critiqued and even slated by female backseat drivers.

It seems that both sexes are keen to point the finger of blame when it comes to backseat driving but just a third (33 per cent) admitted to ever being one themselves.

The AA's research found the most common reasons for on the road criticism, and even in car arguments, is the driver not appearing to be aware of what is going on in the road in front of them, which 49 per cent of respondents said particularly irked them.

Not breaking soon enough at junctions was cited as an annoyance by 44 per cent, while driving too fast and being too near to the car in front were mentioned by 42 per cent and 39 per cent respectively.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Back seat driving may seem harmless but it can lead to severe confidence issues for the driver being nagged.

“Often it feels like we just can’t help ourselves, especially if we think we are being driven dangerously, but constant back seat driving can distract and frustrate a driver.

“If you really feel you are justified in your criticism, wait until you have pulled over before giving it. Professional driving help might also be a good way to help correct the driving that worries you, while leaving your relationship intact.”

Last month's Dangerous Drivers' School programme on Channel 5 highlighted the issue. On the show, Helen Wilson from Halifax, West Yorkshire, said that nagging from her sister and her best friend had caused her to lose confidence on the road.

She was taken out in a car with an AA instructor and found that she didn't have a problem driving but the stigma of constant criticism had caused her to doubt her own ability behind the wheel.

She said that the most satisfying part of the experience was being able to go back to her sister and friend and tell them they were wrong about her driving skills.

“It was a really good feeling to be able to tell Jean and Cath that I was right – I can drive well!” Miss Wilson stated.

During the summer car insurance firm Esure conducted research which found that drivers are 60 per cent more likely to be involved in road accident if they are being distracted by a passenger in their car.

The company's 'Driver Distraction' study found that more than half (51 per cent) of drivers have gotten angry while on the road because of a back-seat drivers complaints, while 40 per cent said it had made them anxious and six per cent admitting that it had made the burst out in tears.

Young people were the most affected. Some 64 per cent of those questioned under the age of 25 said that they had lost their temper with a passenger while driving, while 54 per cent admitted to taking their eyes of the road in front of them so they could talk to someone else in the vehicle.

So, it seems that other than using the best car polishes and shampoos around, the best way to look after your car and ensure your road safety, might be to take as many journey's as possible alone.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Subaru endorse Autoglym’s range

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Subaru drivers can have that extra special feeling when they get their Autoglym cleaning products out this winter, knowing that the car care range is the perfect companion to their vehicle's finish.

The Japanese manufacturer has endorsed a selected range of Autoglym's range after extensive testing.

Subaru found that the car care products delivered such a high-quality finish they contacted Autoglym and asked if they'd be interested in launching a co-branded product aimed specifically at their customer base.

The range – which are all made in the UK – includes Autoglym's Bodywork Car Shampoo, Super Resin Polish and Vinyl & Rubber Care, Interior Shampoo, Leather Cleaner and Odour Eliminator.

“A large proportion of our customers take great pride in keeping their Subaru in the best possible condition. Thanks to our new approved car care range, owners can now use market-leading products to maintain an enduring, protective, premium finish all year round," stated Kenyon Neads, Subaru's UK marketing director.

Paul Caller, Autoglym’s CEO, added that Subaru's recognition for high performance and reliability matched that of his own firm's.

He added: "We are proud to become an approved supplier to Subaru customers, and to add this celebrated Japanese marque to the expanding portfolio of manufacturers that have tested and officially endorsed our products.”

Subaru's quality isn't just being recognised in the Far East and Europe. Car buyers in the United States have in recent years turned their attentions from large imposing vehicles synonymous with the American way of life and started by more reliable Asian vehicles.

Hondas and Nissans have been performing well in the US market for a while now but Subaru have gradually crept into the conscious of those planning to purchase a car stateside.

Steven Cole Smith of the Orlando Sentinel described Subaru as one the best manufacturers around this summer.

Posted by Simone Williams 

Ladies can be top car carers too

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Taking care of the car, whether it be general polishing using car polish applicator pads or getting down and dirty under the bonnet, can be seen as something of man's job.

However, an automotive enthusiast from the United States is keen to show women that they can buck the trend in what is widely considered a male dominated area.

Wendy Doviken has survived more than two decades in the testosterone-fuelled world of car maintenance and in June this year she decided to spread her wings and open her own auto-shop.

As a woman she feels can offer a unique service plus a wealth of advice to females who struggle with motoring issues.

Last Saturday she hosted a ladies-only day at her Star Quality Auto Centre in New Windsor, New York and 55 people turned up to eat cheese nibbles and learn about all the ways they can look after their car themselves without the aid of a man.

On the visitors, Ginny Nelson, said she was tired of garages trying to rip her off because of her sex and added that the open day was a great way for her to learn more about the inner workings of her vehicle.

She told the Times Herald-Record: "I'm a nurse and I know the human body. But I don't know a thing about the car."

Ms Doviken said that women make up more than 50 per cent of her clients but too often when the time comes to make a decision on what should be done with a car the ladies say they have to ask their boyfriend or husband first.

She went to list a series of things ladies can do independently of male help, although it is information that male readers can probably benefit from also.

She said that you should ensure you wheel alignment is checked around May or June each year as traditionally this the time of the year that pot holes in roads are filled in.

Also, Ms Doviken urged the women to get their tires checked regularly, to replace an parts at the first sign that they may be wearing out and to always carry an emergency kit when going out on long journeys.

She then had the ladies scribbling frantically into their notepads as she fired off a tips on how to look after brake pads and ensure fluid levels are correct before demonstrating how a series of automotive parts work and how to spot wear and tear.

Prevention is cheaper than the cure, she added. You should never put off routine maintenance just because it saves you a little bit of money.

Many of her top tips echo those issued by IAM Drive & Survive's head of training, Simon Elstow.

In addition to the suggestions made by Ms Doviken, he recommended that you thoroughly check all aspects of your car before driving off on any trip this winter time.

He suggested that you should make sure your wiper blades are in good condition, always taking the time to remove any condensation ice or frost before driving anyway.

If the blades are in anyway squeaky as they move up and down, then it is probably for the best that they are checked out or even replaced at the first opportunity.

He added that the cold weather in the coming months can take a serious toll on your car's battery and suggested that you keep the top of the battery as clean and dry as possible.

Batteries which are three or more years old should be checked regularly as the last thing you want is not being able to drive anywhere because it has run flat, he added.

Posted by Mark Henderson 

Check your car before every journey in winter, says specialist

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

It is imperative that you get your prized car ready for the winter months, says one specialist.

Caroline Holmes, spokeswoman for road charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), believes that ensuring your vehicle is in tip top order before embarking on any journeys this winter time should ride high on your list of priorities.

Her advice is to do a proper check of the car each day, ensuring that the wiper blades are in good working order and that your windows are clean on both the inside and outside – something windscreen cleaner would help with.

She also suggested that you check the depth of your tyres and ensure the headlights are working correctly.

But more importantly, she added: "When the weather is bad, the most important question is whether you really need to go out at all. If you absolutely do, make sure you and your car are prepared for the journey."

Her comments echo those made recently by insurance firm Hastings Direct, who advised caution when driving on roads in icy conditions

Posted by Matt Casson

BMW exhibits its polished past

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Car enthusiasts may want to take a city-break in Munich this winter and pay a visit to BMW’s Line of Beauty exhibition.

The iconic vehicle manufacturer has wheeled out the best and most beautiful cars in a show that illustrates its rich history in transportation.

Since its formation in 1916, BMW has been at the forefront of the automotive industry and this expo allows people see and even tough come its most well know vintage motors.

Shining and expertly restored with the best car polish and scratch remover money can buy each car really is a thing of immense beauty.

BMW’s flagship coupes and convertibles are iconic in their own right and visitors can see 14 individual exhibits that display everything from the pre-war 327 and 327/28 Convertible and Coupe models through to the modern F12/13 6-Series.

The 1950s was a time for style, sophistication and glamour and the BMW 502 Coupé and Convertible’s easily epitomise their era. The truly timeless BMW 3.0 CSI E9, sometimes referred to as the Six Coupé is also on displayed and ready to be marvelled at.

The German car giant has won its fair share of accolades over the years but few vehicles have the striking and award-winning allure of the E31 BMW 8 Series. When it was released it was thought of as a car ahead of its time, but appreciation of simplistic stylings has reached astronomical proportions in recent years.

If you like things big as well as beautiful then you must see the new BMW 6 Series, which continues BMW’s tradition of producing stunning and grand tourer vehicles.

The exhibition is being held at the BMW museum in Munich will run from the 28th October 2011 through to the end of September next year. It’s a truly unmissable event for those that love cars.

Posted by Mark Henderson 

Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner a cut above the rest?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Car interior care requires the best products if top results are to be achieved.

Drivers can invest in individual solutions such as car vinyl and rubber care sprays and glass cleaner or they may opt for an all-in-one product that ticks all of the right boxes.

Some people are sceptical about whether one solution can be used to treat surfaces made from different materials, with the theory being that one-size-fits-all does not apply to those who want the very best look.

The team from Victory Detailing are among those who used to think this way.

They recently put the Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner to the test and found that it did a great job of lifting stains and marks from the interior surfaces.

“We had much success removing stains and revitalising carpets with the spray solution. A light mist goes a long way as the product is agitated it acts as a shampoo and lifts the dirt to the surface of the carpet,” the experts noted.

Those looking for a new car wax may want to try Autoglym Aqua Wax, which was recently praised by Richard Auock from MSN Cars.

Posted by Simone Williams

Cleaning carpets by hand ‘difficult but still effective’

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Carpets and seats in cars can become stained and discoloured pretty easily if kids spend a lot of time in the back and end up spilling drinks, ice cream and other foodstuffs.

This means drivers can spend a whole afternoon trying to get rid of the stains, which can be very difficult to do without the right tools.

Among the products motorists need are car leather care if their seats are made from this material and car vinyl and rubber care for any other discoloured surfaces.

Minggu, writing for the kemPlink Auto Detailing blog, said that one alternative is to use a machine known as an extractor to make the job easier.

However, doing it manually is still a good way to go for those who want to get stuck into the task themselves.

"Deep cleaning the fabric by hand is quite a bit harder, but still effective," the writer noted.

International AERO Products recently recommended that drivers never scrub a stain in a side-to-side motion, as this pushes the contamination deeper into the fabric.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Car cleaning ‘must be done on a regular basis’

Friday, April 8th, 2011

It is important that drivers wash their cars regularly rather than waiting until they are caked in mud, it has been claimed.

According to an entry on the blog, the benefits of doing this are two-fold.

First is the fact that the motor will look better if it is washed with car shampoo on a regular basis, while the second advantage is that it will make subsequent washes easier.

"Very dirty cars are harder and take longer to clean. They also have a higher chance of having damage to the paint, as dirt acts as an abrasive to the wax, polish and even the paintwork," the source added.

Another way to protect a vehicle is to cover it, as this will stop the sun's UV rays from fading the paint and also guard against damage from rain, the article noted.

Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, said recently that keeping a motor clean fosters a sense of pride in the owner.

Posted by Matt Casson