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Hyundai i10 is ideal cure for January blues

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

After the expense of Christmas has passed many motor enthusiasts will want to go out in January and treat themselves to a nippy little run-around.
Well the new economical Hyundai i10 may just fit the bill.

Nicknamed “the Blue”, it emits carbon emissions of just 99g per km and drivers in the capital will be pleased to know that it is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and Emission Zone restrictions.

That makes it the only car on the market in the UK to achieve this for less than £10,000.

Managing what gear is the most effective for lower fuel use is easy also as its innovative ECO Drive indicator tells you the best time to change gears.

And that’s not all, it’s a full £1000 cheaper than Hyundai’s old 1.2L classic model.

Recently Top Gear described it as “Another impressive stride forward for Hyundai, if only because it feels so much better built than the older fair.”

Time possibly to get your wallet and car polish at the ready in the New Year then?

Posted by Simone Williams

3 series top of the pops for internet car lovers.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

When not buffing your car up with the best polish and cloths, it seems like many of you are surfing the web for the best offers on new cars.

According to, thousands of you are jumping on internet and checking out the latest models.

Top of the most searched for cars on buying site is the BMW 3 series. The compact executive car has been a firm favourite with motor enthusiasts since 1975 and received a mammoth 59,459 clicks in October.

Another famous piece of German manufacturing was popular with potential buyers. Some 47,776 clicks were garnered for Volkswagen's timeless Golf.

Ford's Focus came a close third with 45,197 while the Audi A3 and the Ford Mondeo made up the top five with 39,155 and 32,607 clicks respectively.

Nissan led the way for Japanese cars with the striking Qashqai in at number seven. Honda's CR-V and Civic posted respectable numbers, coming 12th and 14th on the list.

But it's German cars that are proving the real popularity magnets with Audi's TT and A4 following the A3's lead and making the top ten. BMW had their 1 series, 5 series and X5 all in the top 16.

Propping up the list as the Vauxhall Corsa in 20th place.

However, if this list is anything to go off, things don't look good for French cars. Not a single Peugeot, Citron or Renault managed to make the list.

Although not making the list, the Audi A7 was recently voted as the best car on the market by the Motor Press Guild.

"The A7 is the epitome of high style and artistry, with a five-door coupe design that is both sporty and elegant. Response to the launch of the A7 this year has been outstanding. We're proud to be selected by Motor Press Guild as the recipient of their first-ever Vehicle of the Year award," said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America.

Posted by Simone Williams

Saab’s woes forgotten about with new 9-3 launch

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Shortly after being handed a £88 million financial lifeline, Swedish car manufacturers Saab have released details of their stylish new 9-3.

The Scandinavian firm, popular amongst car polish enthusiasts, was bailed out by Chinese vehicle makers Pang Da and Youngman last month and says, with its financial woes behind it now, more and more luxury vehicles will come off the production line.

It is planning to unleash a three and five door rival to the Mini and Audi A1 entitled the 9-1, but the jewel in their crown will be a revamped edition of their best-selling 9-3.

The new model, which will be available in late 2012, comprises a newly designed and more compact chassis and will come with a wide variety of petrol and diesel engine size options.

Its aim is to challenge in market currently dominated by the BMW 3 Series.
The 9-3 range has been a mainstay in Saab’s range since its initial launch in 1998.

Posted by Matt Casson

Synthetic car waxes ‘are easy to apply’

Monday, August 1st, 2011

British motorists have been advised of the benefits of synthetic car waxes, which apparently last a long time and are easy to apply, particularly since they do not need to be stripped each time round.

Senior partner at Waynne Smith noted that such options are his personal preference when buffing his vehicle, although people should look at the condition of the paintwork and select an appropriate product.

He added that wax typically outlasts sealants and warned people to exercise caution when using car polishes as these can contain abrasive particles that, while removing minor scratches and swirls, will also take a small paint layer away each time as well.

"The wax or sealant will help protect the car from damage. The biggest risk is from birdlime. This will eat into the paint work if left," Mr Smith remarked.

According to car detailer Michael Stoops, speaking to AOL Autos, a polisher can be particularly useful, although some people are afraid of it since it can burn the paint if used incorrectly, in which case a dual-action polisher would be a good purchase.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car sealant the key to a great shine?

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Getting that a sparkling shine requires car polishes and applicator pads, but car sealants are also an option for those who want to take things to another level.

The beauty of car sealants is that they perform several tasks at once, including making the paint look richer and deeper and adding a layer of protection.

In addition, they eliminate fine scratches and swirls, meaning that when car polishes are applied, the bodywork is pretty much flawless.

The benefits of these products have been highlighted by the experts at Victory Detailing, who used them to breathe some new life into a Jaguar.

"After the sealant was applied by machine, let sit to haze and removed by hand, an unmatched shine was left. The vehicle looked like it came off the showroom floor as family, friends and neighbours commented as they strolled by," the team added.

An article in the Hindustan Times recently recommended applying car sealants to eliminate scratches and revitalise the bodywork.

Posted by Simone Williams

Drivers ‘need to protect their paint from the sun’

Monday, April 18th, 2011

A vehicle's paint job takes a lot of punishment from the elements and with summer on the way, drivers need to take steps to protect their bodywork from the sun's UV rays.

According to Ricochet Dave, from Ricochet's Rapid Detail, moving now will save motorists a lot of heartache later when the harmful effects of the sun have damaged the finish.

To protect their bodywork, drivers could invest in a number of products, such as a car sealant and car waxes, which will provide a barrier against the UV rays.

"The heat of the summer will be here before you know it. Get your paint protected before the damaging rays from the sun hurt your car's finish," Dave added.

Another step drivers can take to protect their vehicle's finish is to remove bird droppings as soon as they hit the car.

According to an entry on the blog, the corrosive elements in bird faeces can cause significant damage if left on the paint.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car sealant ‘is the difference between a good and a great look’

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Car waxes are essential in protecting the bodywork from the elements but drivers who want their vehicle to have that showroom shine must invest in car sealants, it has been claimed.

According to an article on CarTech Autoparts, car sealants perform the dual role of enhancing the shine and providing another protective barrier, making them an essential part of every detailer's kit.

The source said that there is little point in having a powerful engine, flawless alloys and a nice interior if the bodywork looks old and tired, which is why motorists need to invest in the correct products.

While car wax and car polishes will give the paint a good look, applying car sealants will take it to the next level.

"If you've ever seen a new car commercial and wondered just how they got the paint to look so shiny, there is a 99 per cent chance that they used car paint sealant," the website went on to add.

A recent article in the Hindustan Times made a similar point, stating that applying car sealants is taking detailing to a new level.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car sealant ‘key to a winning shine’

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Those who love their vehicles want them to look their best and that means a deep shine is a must.

According to an article in the Hindustan Times, that means car waxes or car sealants need to be employed.

After using car shampoo and bug cleaner to rid the bodywork of dirt, grime and other imperfections which will ruin the shine, it is important to protect all the hard work drivers have put in.

"To maintain the finish, apply a coat of wax or a vehicle paint protection sealant," the news provider stated.

In terms of cleaning, the source said that drivers should use a mild car wash, although those really keen to protect their paint may be better washing by hand.

Brad Will, from Reflections Auto Salon, said recently that detailing a vehicle is just as important as changing the oil, as taking time to protect the bodywork will reduce the wear and tear caused by dirt, grit and other contaminants.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car sealants ‘offer maximum protection’

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

With the UK experiencing another harsh winter savvy drivers will have already applied car waxes to their bodywork to keep the elements at bay, but going one step further and investing in a car sealant will give them even greater protection.

That is according to Harpeet Singh, writing for Blog Mera, who stated that the absolute bear minimum for motorists is to apply car wax to their paint to prevent grit and salt ruining it.

He stated that there is little excuse for not taking this step and pointed out that using cheap car waxes and old cloths rather than applicator pads and top-quality products will do more harm than good.

Summing up, Mr Singh recommended investing in car sealants for the extra barrier they provide.

"This way all the impurities will be avoided and your car's paint will benefit from great protection," he added.

If using car sealants, car waxes and car polish, motorists must ensure they use separate microfibre cloths to apply each product, Christine Harrell, writing for US Wiping Materials, said recently.

Posted by Simone Williams

Detailer reveals three-step process for a great finish

Monday, December 20th, 2010

A car is an expensive investment meaning it must be protected and maintained effectively and one detailer has given his tips on how to make a motor shine like it was brand new.

Jim Motz, who opened his detailing shop in 1983, told the Morning Sun that he employs a three-step process when revitalising vehicles, claiming that auto detailing is something which cannot be rushed or done on the cheap.

To begin with, cleaning the motor with car shampoo, car scratch remover and tar remover is essential, as the surface must be clean before any car waxes are added.

Following this, Mr Motz uses car glazes on the bodywork.

"There is a mild oxidation in the glaze that brings out the shine," he told the newspaper.

To finish off, he applies Carnauba car waxes in two separate coats to perfect the shine.

When it comes to detailing the wheels, alloy wheel cleaners are the best products, with Mothers FX wheel cleaner recommended by Brad Bergholdt, an automotive technology instructor at Evergreen Valley College in California.

Writing for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service, he said that car brushes should also be used to do a thorough job.

Posted by Anne Simpson