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Dry steam cleaning and chemical-free products ‘can prevent gassing off in vehicles’

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Drivers planning on giving their interior a thorough cleaning job have been offered some advice on how they can achieve a great look and protect their health at the same time.

Ricochet Dave, writing on the Ricochet's Rapid Detail blog, said that dry steam cleaning and biodegradable car interior care products are the best way forward.

By adopting both, drivers will find that their cabin is free of any chemicals, which will have positive implications for their health.

"Through combining dry steam cleaning with earth-friendly, natural and biodegradable products the interior of your vehicle will be chemical-free after the service. This prevents 'gassing off' of harmful products inside your vehicle when the weather gets hot," Dave added.

Graeme Fletcher, writing for the National Post, said that now is a good time to give the inside and outside of vehicles a thorough going over, with the engine the most important area to focus on followed by the bodywork and interior.

Posted by James Robson

Steering wheels ‘have more germs than public toilet seats’

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Investing in car interior care products and carrying out a thorough detail every few months could have benefits for drivers' health, as new research has shown how dirty some areas of the cabin can be.

According to a study at Queen Mary University, steering wheels boast nine times more germs than public toilet seats.

It is not just the steering wheel motorists need to worry about, as every square inch of the cabin has around 700 bacteria, compared to 80 on the seats in public lavatories, meaning investing in car leather care products may be in order.

Dr Ron Cutler, director of biomedical science at the university, said many people clean their homes but neglect their vehicles, meaning they become a breeding ground for bacteria.

"A car is the perfect place for germs to breed, especially if you eat in it and leave litter or uneaten food around. To avoid potential health risks it would be wise to regularly clean your car inside and out," he added.

According to a recent post on the Smithtown Acura blog, thoroughly detailing the inside of a car is a job worth doing and is just as important as taking care of the exterior.

Posted by James Robson

Detailing firm uses car leather conditioner to revitalise seats

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

A car detailing firm have described how they used car leather conditioner on a customer's interior recently.

Victory Detailing were called to work on a Ford Explorer which was in pretty good condition, with the owner wanting the team to maintain the appearance and add an extra layer of protection.

After tackling the outside with clay bars and car shampoo, the experts began working on the inside and used car leather conditioner in addition to other products to make the cabin look and feel like new.

"The leather seats were conditioned and the dashboard area was treated with Silk Shine. We wrapped up this detailing job by treating the door jambs and polishing the windows," the firm stated.

According to a recent post on the Smithtown Acura blog, spring is a great time to give a car a thorough going over and it is important that the cabin is given as much love and attention as the paintwork and alloy wheels.

Posted by Matt Casson

Drivers ‘should spring clean their interiors’

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Spring is a good time to clean out a car and make it look and feel good and that means dedicating sufficient time and care to the cabin as well as the paint job.

According to a post on the Smithtown Acura blog, interior detailing is a job worth doing and is as important as detailing the exterior and getting rid of road salt and other contaminants from the body.

Drivers may wish to invest in car leather care solutions and other cleaners to ensure the cabin is a warm and pleasant place to be.

The source noted that it is easy for junk to build up in a car but taking the time to de-clutter the interior is "worth it" and drivers will benefit from the effort they put in.

According to a piece in the Daily Telegraph, doing a thorough cleaning job on the inside is vital if drivers are to get a good price when it comes to selling the motor.

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Selling a car ‘requires interior detailing as well as exterior’

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

It is important those planning to sell their vehicle dedicate as much time to interior detailing as they do exterior.

That is according to a piece in the Daily Telegraph, which stated that a bit of elbow grease and a few hours cleaning can see motorists add hundreds of pounds to the sale price.

Drivers may want to invest in products such as car leather care and car air fresheners to breathe new life into the cabin, with the newspaper claiming that the whole area needs to be squeaky clean.

"Be sure that the interior is spotless too – remove all your junk, vacuum the mats, carpets and boot and thoroughly dust the dashboard," the source added.

Roy Vazquez, who is in charge of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail recently that drivers should think of car leather conditioner as being like moisturiser for seats.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Car leather conditioner and cleaner ‘is like moisturiser for cars’

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

After completing a full exterior detail with car shampoo, car polishes and clay bars, drivers should switch their attention to the interior and clean every surface.

Roy Vazquez, who is in charge of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail that car interior care is a painstaking process but doing it to a high standard is essential.

He recommended treating every surface, nook and cranny inside the motor, meaning drivers will need car leather care products and vinyl and rubber care solutions.

It is the former spray which is the most important, as it performs the same function as moisturising cream does for humans.

"It's just like lotion for humans. It moisturises your vinyls and leathers. If you leave stuff untreated, it will dry and wrinkle and crack," Mr Vazquez told the news provider.

Gina Budhai, managing partner at Car Pool Detail, told the Richmond Times Dispatch recently that proper car interior cleaning products are essential to get rid of bacteria as well as odours, meaning basic fragrance sprays are not enough.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Demand for car care grows during icy period

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Car care has grown more prominent in the minds of drivers in Atlanta with the onset of icy weather in the city, it has been claimed.

Body shops in the Georgian capital revealed that there has been a surge in the number of customers who want their automobiles washed, reports Wabe.

Heather Coleman, who works at a local car wash, told the news provider: "The cars were very dirty. The wheels [were] extremely dirty. [There was] salt, sand, all on the underside very, very, nasty."

More and more people are reportedly booking their cars in for bodywork repairs as the ice has led to a higher number of minor accidents.

Indeed, a worker at the Victory Paint and Body Works in Marietta said the store was booked up and that there have been numerous cases of accidents in which drivers have skidded on the icy roads.

This comes after the Toronto Sun cited automotive expert Pat Clancy, who advised motorists to have a good battery and washer fluid that is good for between -40C and -49C for when the weather turns cold.  

Posted by Matt Casson

Car interior care ‘is a meticulous process’

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Cleaning the interior of a car is just as important as maintaining the outside and to do the job properly drivers need a range of items, including glass cleaner, leather conditioner and microfibre cloths.

Krishna King, after-sales parts manager at Bermuda Motors, wrote for the BDA Sun that simply vacuuming the carpets and seats is not enough, as there is dirt in crevices, vents and other parts of the cabin.

When cleaning the inside windows, glass cleaner and microfiber cloths should be used, while car leather care requires special conditioners.

He stated that motorists will need tools to get at hard to reach areas, with car swabs one possible solution.

Mr King added that car plastic polish and dash cleaners should also be used to brighten up the interior.

"A regular cleaning and maintenance routine for your vehicle's interior is as important as the care you give the exterior," he said.

Posted by Simone Williams

Nick Vacco, writing for Professional Carwashing and Detailing, said recently that interior detailing should begin at the top of the cabin with the headliner and gradually move down from there.

Car cleaning products ‘won’t bust your budget’

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

When it comes to car interior cleaning, over-the-counter products from the likes of Meguiar's and Mothers will do a top-class job without burning a hole in motorists' wallets.

Dan Strumpf, from the Associated Press, stated that with Halloween fast approaching, parents are likely to find chocolate and sweet stains in the back of their cars as their children consume as many sugary treats as they can.

While mess is inevitable, car leather care solutions and upholstery cleaners are available from leading manufacturers which drivers can use themselves rather than taking the vehicle to a professional valeting company.

"Foam or spray cleaners are some of the most common cleaning agents for fabric upholstery. Most major brands of auto car products – like Turtle Wax, Meguiar's and Mothers – sell upholstery cleaners designed specifically for automotive interiors," Mr Strumpf added.

One interior care product drivers may wish to invest in is Chemical Guys Silk Shine, which was recently used by Victory Detailing to revitalise the inside of a Cadillac.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Take care of your car ‘and protect your investment’

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Buying interior and exterior car cleaning products is not necessary just to make the vehicle look nice, they are vital in protecting the investment.

Freelance writer Greg Pierce said in an entry on Ezine articles that interior care in particular is essential, with specialist cleaning products such as car leather conditioner and cleaner crucial to achieving the best finish.

As car interiors boast such a wide range of materials, drivers have to purchase items which are designed to work on these surfaces, including glass cleaner and trim dye.

After vacuuming the vehicle, these car interior care products should be applied and the writer stressed that a clean microfibre cloth be used to ensure that none of the surfaces become scratched or damaged.

The importance of using car leather care products was also highlighted by CarTech Autoparts, which stated that these solutions will extend the life of the seats when used correctly.

Posted by James Robson