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Take care of your motor this winter

Friday, October 28th, 2011

With autumn drawing to a close and winter upon us, car care becomes more and more important.

The cold and wet conditions can have a brutal effect on your vehicle, causing you much anguish and frustration.

You'll have experienced it before. After spending precious time and money making your car's exterior shine using the best car shampoo and chrome wheel cleaners available, along comes a gritting truck and splashes salt up your doors and side panels.

Or even worse, the temperature drops below zero and you find yourself having to prise your Hydra flexi blades from your windscreen. It's certainly annoying, but with a few handy tips you can go a long way to ensuring your car stays tip top at this time of year.

Speaking with online motoring search engine recently, IAM Drive & Survive's head of training, Simon Elstow, offered his advice on car maintenance for when the cold snap starts to come.

He said that is important to clear out your vehicle's plenum chambers. These are the tray-like areas under the bonnet, just below the windscreen. These can get clogged with leaves and other loose items and then fill with water.

This water can then leak into your cars electronics and cause you to have a hefty repair bill on your hands – the last thing you need in the expensive run up to Christmas.

He added "A patch of wet leaves can be as dangerous as hitting standing water – take care and reduce your speed before driving onto them."

He suggested making sure your wiper blades are in good condition and always remove any condensation and ice prior to setting off on a journey. If your blades are squeaky as they wipe, then it is probably best that you have them replaced,

The weather at this time can take a serious toll on your car battery. The vehicle expert suggested keeping the top of the battery as clean and as dry as possible and also make sure the terminals are free from ware and tight. If a battery is older than three years, get it checked as you may well save yourself many frustrating mornings.

Mr Elstow also said: "Bear in mind that leaves can be slippery, especially when wet. Avoid hard acceleration or braking as it can cause skidding. And be aware that there may be a dip, pothole or other road hazard hiding under those leaves covering the road."

Not mentioned by Mr Elstow, but equally as important is packing a winter emergency kit. It is recommended that you should have at least a snow shovel, brushes, a window scraper and matches in your vehicle. After all, you do not want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere when the snow fall starts.

Having the right tyres is also something you should invest in. Properly inflated, high quality winter tires provide the best traction and can even increase fuel efficiency. You should check pressure of your tires regularly, especially before any long distance journeys.

Vauxhall drivers will be pleased to know that you can have your car checked by expertly-trained MasterFit technician before the cold comes.

Their winter care service includes a full safety check, fluids and tyre pressure checks and a winter care pack – containing 500ml bottle of de-icer, a 500ml bottle of screenwash, and an ice scraper. Prices start from £35.

And the last thing you need to do to look after your car (and yourself) this winter is quite simple – drive carefully. Icy roads are one the biggest causes of accidents at this time of year.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner and head of driving standards at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: "Remember, the speed that you can stop from in a bus length on a dry warm day can take the whole length of a football pitch on ice."

Posted by Mark Henderson 

Detailing gurus give car interior thorough going over

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

It is important for the exterior of a car to be given as much tender, loving care as possible to ensure it looks good when travelling down the road.

However, this is only part of the story.

The only people who see the interior may be the owner and their family but that does not mean it should be considered an afterthought when it comes to detailing.

When it comes to selling the vehicle, prospective buyers will want a motor that has been cared for both inside and out and those looking for the best way to care for the cabin could follow the steps taken by the experts at Victory Detailing.

They recently treated a client's interior with several products to restore it to its former glory.

To start with, they vacuumed the entire cabin and removed spot stains before getting the vacuum out again to pick up any loose dirt missed the first time.

Following this, the team used car leather care, car vinyl cleaner and glass cleaner to spruce up the remaining areas.

Larry Printz from the Virginia-Pilot, noted it in an article for The Republic recently that a clean car is a pleasant place to be for the driver.

Posted by Anne Simpson

A clean car ‘is a pleasant place to be’

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Keeping a car in as pristine condition as possible is important for several reasons.

One of the most important is the fact that it can extend the life of the vehicle and when it comes to selling it, potential buyers are more likely to part with their money for a motor that has been loved.

Another reason is the fact that travelling down the road in a car that looks good is a nice experience for the person driving it.

This is a point made by Larry Printz from the Virginia-Pilot, who noted it in an article for The Republic.

"A clean car is a pleasant car," he stated.

The writer recommended using car leather care on the seats and wiping down the interior surfaces to keep the cabin looking fresh and new.

Ray Cox, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, said recently that regular washing and waxing is essential however old the car is.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Can neat interiors be improved?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Many drivers keep their interiors in good condition and therefore think they do not need to use car leather care and other products.

If motorists are happy with this then fine, however, those who want their cabin to be better than nice must put the effort in and make it so.

That means investing car air fresheners and other solutions that will elevate the seats, surfaces and carpets to a whole new level of clean.

This is something the experts from Victory Detailing faced on a recent job they undertook.

The car's interior was perfectly acceptable, except for a layer of dust that had built up on the dashboard.

And while the appearance was fine, the team decided to take it to another level.

"Aesthetically, the plastic and rubber trim looked better after the surfaces had absorbed and retained the dressing. We rubbed off the excess product to blend our application and to leave a smooth and sharp look," the experts added.

Richard Hinson, former associate publisher and editorial director of AutoWeek, told the Detroit Free Press recently that it is better to clean the inside of a car first and then the outside.

Posted by James Robson

Expert: Do interior detailing before exterior

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Interior and exterior detailing are equally important, however, doing the former first is the best way forward, according to one expert.

Richard Hinson, former associate publisher and editorial director of AutoWeek, told the Detroit Free Press that tackling the cabin should be done first, as doing it the other way could create more work.

If the driver gets in the vehicle after using car shampoo, clay bars and car polishes on the outside, they are going to traipse mud and dirt into the interior and create more work for themselves.

Instead, motorists should apply car leather care products and other solutions and then make a start on the bodywork.

"Do the interior first so you aren't standing in water and dragging dirt into the interior after you've finished getting the outside clean," Mr Hinson told the news provider.

He went on to recommend that owners do not scrimp on getting the best car cleaning products they can afford.

"Get the best you can find because a good wash product removes bugs, bird droppings, grease and dirt," the expert noted.

The newspaper went on to discuss various other areas of car care with several experts, including classic car enthusiast Jerry Door, who warned owners to be careful when selecting wheel cleaners.

He stated that he is a fan of P21S Wheel Cleaner, which he said works well and is safe on alloys.

Gary Kohs, another motoring enthusiast, offered tips several tips as well, telling the source that motorists should invest in wash mitts and microfibre cloths and that they should always clean their vehicle in the shade and never in the sun.

Metro Canada writer Peter Doyle said recently that using the wrong interior detailing products can actually do more harm than good and drivers must be careful when selecting products.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Car leather care products key to revitalising seats?

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Car makers charge extra for leather seats and those who have shelled out for these optional extras need to take steps to protect their investment.

The sun's rays and general wear and tear can leave them looking cracked and tired, however, a car leather care products can breathe some new life into them and help them last monger.

Drivers can invest in car leather shampoo and conditioner and apply it as per the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure their seats look fresh and clean.

The guys at Victory Detailing recently did an interior cleaning job and tackled the seats in much the same way, as well as giving the carpets a thorough going over.

To begin with, they vacuumed the cabin from top to bottom.

"Next, we did spot treatment on tough stains [to] bring the carpets back to the original colour. We vacuumed again and spent time cleaning the stains from the leather seats," the team noted.

According to International AERO products, upholstery stains should never be cleaned in a sideways motion.

Posted by Matt Casson

Using wrong interior detailing products ‘can do more harm than good’

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Maintaining the inside of a car is just as important as the outside and as with the exterior, investing in the correct products is essential if the best look is to be achieved.

The cabin of a vehicle contains many different materials, meaning motorists must select the right cleaning solutions to use on them, including car leather care and vinyl protection remedies.

Using products that are not specifically designed for the surfaces found on the inside of a car can actually do more harm than good.

This is a point supported by Metro Canada writer Peter Doyle, who stressed the need to do the job properly.

"Using the wrong type of cleaning solution can cause further damage. There are many cleaning products on the market that also provide UV protection," he stated.

The team at Victory Detailing recently used a selection of interior care products to revitalise the cabin of a Mercedes, claiming that the results were very good.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Survey reveals what goes on inside Brits’ cars

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Investing in car leather care and car cleaning brushes and giving the interior the once over may be a shrewd move for those who have not already done so, as new research has revealed that Brits use their cars for more than just getting from A to B.

According to a survey by, nearly half of male drivers have had sex with someone in their car, while 30 per cent of women have done the same.

More than 60 per cent of guys have had a row with their other half in the cabin compared to 63 per cent of ladies.

A further one-tenth of men have ended a relationship with someone in their car, while six per cent have been dumped in this way.

Just eight per cent of women have broken up with someone while in a car and five per cent have been jilted in the confines of a vehicle.

The research also revealed that Audi drivers are the most attractive to both sexes.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, stated: "The results of this survey bring new meaning to the UK being a nation of car lovers."

Those who partake in such activities can ensure their windows are free of streaks by wiping them in opposite directions on the inside and out, according to International AERO Products.

Posted by Mark Henderson


Breathe new life into the cabin with car interior care products

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

It is just as important to give the cabin some tender loving care as it is the outside of a car, meaning just as much effort and dedication is needed.

With a variety of different materials used on the inside, it is important to have the right products at hand to ensure a crisp, clean finish.

Among the tools drivers may need are car leather care and conditioner and car vinyl and rubber care, as well as car cleaning brushes to get to those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

These are just some of the products used by Victory Detailing to bring the inside of a Mercedes back to life after years of neglect.

"We treated the dash … and brought the shine back. The interior surfaces were very dry and really shined up after being treated. The results of the leather seats were similar, as it had been years since they were treated," the team stated.

Keeping the interior spick and span and free of debris could save drivers money as well, as drivers could incur fines if they are caught throwing litter from their vehicles.

Posted by Simone Williams

Drivers ‘to be fined for throwing litter from vehicles’

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Carrying out regular interior detailing and cleaning out the cabin could save drivers money, as new rules are to be enforced which will see them fined should any litter be thrown from their car.

Ministers are considering amending the existing laws which will see the driver of the car responsible for any rubbish thrown from it, whether it was them who did it or not.

Council officers will assume the power to fine motorists £80 based on the vehicle's number plate, while CCTV evidence may also be used to apprehend the perpetrator.

Charlotte Linacre, of the TaxPayer's Allowance, stated that the idea will heap more financial pressures on drivers who are already feeling the pinch.

"Motorists are already overtaxed. Councils have to make necessary spending cuts and there's plenty of fat to trim, they shouldn't look to plug gaps in their finances by ramping up charges on taxpayers," she added.

Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, said regular cleaning will help protect the car and foster a sense of pride in the owner.

Posted by Anne Simpson