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Brits clueless over car maintenance

Monday, October 24th, 2011

A new study has found that many Brits are clueless when it comes to car maintenance.

According to price comparison website, 72 per cent of car owners do not how to check brake fluid levels and 69 per cent haven't the foggiest when it comes to monitoring engine coolant.

Katie Shephard, spokesperson for the road safety charity Brake, believes that knowing how to look after your vehicle is imperative if you are to avoid endangering yourself and others.

"It's vital that drivers are doing regular maintenance checks of their vehicle to ensure they are safe on the road," she said.

Gareth Kloet,'s head of car insurance, added: "Car maintenance is essential. We all love a bit of TLC so don't forget your cars need a helping hand too."

And with cars costing so much it's not just the inside you should look after.

Vad Samarin, editor of, said recently that keeping windows and headlights clean as well as wiper blades in good condition was every bit as important as maintaining a healthy engine.

The Car Care Council have issued a handy guide to ensuring that your prized possession stays spic and span.

It suggests your vehicle should be washed using car shampoo at least once a week and polished at least every six months to ensure the paintwork keeps its beautiful shine.

It points out that the best time to wash your car is straight after a rain shower as the effects of weather can have a major effect on bodywork if not seen to speedily.

Although water quickly evaporates, acid rain, caused by changes in the environment, leaves behind a residue that if not cleaned will eat into the vehicle's finish.

Cleaning with high performance microfibre cloths and clay bars will ensure that your car maintains that brand new showroom look.

Cars may require winter maintenance

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Motorists making use of wheel cleaners and car wax applicator pads might be wise to take a closer look at their vehicle as winter approaches.

In the last couple of years large parts of the UK have been hit with snowy weather conditions, which for some – particularly those located in more rural areas – may have caused problems getting from A to B.

According to research conducted by, many drivers in Britain are largely unaware of ways in which they might be able to make taking to the roads a little easier in difficult conditions.

The survey found that 37 per cent of people do not know that winter tyres exist, while 31 per cent were uncertain about whether it is possible to buy them in the UK.

This lack of awareness may be largely behind its discovery that at present just six per cent of those getting behind the wheel would consider purchasing winter tyres.

Despite this, being able to get out and about even in poor weather is something that 75 per cent of respondents believe is important.

In some European countries – including Italy, Germany and those in Scandinavia – laws are in place in relation to such tyres.

Although no legislation is in place on these shores, drivers may wish to consider the potential advantages they offer in ice and snow, such as shorter stopping times and better grip.

This could be one way – other than using cleaning materials – that individuals can try and keep their vehicle in its best possible condition.

Car-proud people may also wish to follows the advice of Ray Cox, who writing for the Christian Science Monitor recently suggested that chipping, scratches and oxidation are likely to be issues that affect paintwork as a car ages.

He recommended regularly waxing and washing to minimise the damage caused by the elements.

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‘Regular washing’ can help to sell a car

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Windscreen cleaner might be a good investment for those attempting to sell their vehicle.

According to's top tips for preparing a car for sale, motorists should place high importance on the motor's aesthetics.

Columnist Stephen Ottley explained that once out of a dealership, a vehicle will lose a "large chunk" of its value but noted that regular care is one way to make it attractive to prospective buyers.

"Don't neglect the weekend car wash," he said. "General road grime will eventually damage the paint if you don't wash your car regularly, while bird droppings and bugs need to be cleaned off as they appear."

Mr Ottley went on to advise motorists to break out the car polish applicator pads at least once a year and scrub the engine bay when it comes time to sell.

This goes against the advice of In and Out magazine's Chris Prickett, who recently informed drivers that waxes should be applied at least twice a year.

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Car cleaning products ‘can be cheaper online’

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

cafe wireless CCUThose looking to buy applicator pads, soft top cleaner and car paint glaze could find that they can save money on car exterior care products if they purchase them online.

Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at, stated that in the majority of cases, buying items via the internet can be cheaper than shopping for them from high street outlets, although this is not always the case.

"In my experience, buying online is normally cheaper than buying on the high street," he said.

Shopping online has become increasingly popular in recent years, with Mr Bowsher pointing to the British Population Survey indicating that 50 per cent of the population aged 15 and over now buy goods via the internet.

One item drivers may wish to purchased online is Meguiar G7101 Gold Class car shampoo, which according to a post on, is given consistently high marks by those who use it.