Cars may require winter maintenance

Motorists making use of wheel cleaners and car wax applicator pads might be wise to take a closer look at their vehicle as winter approaches.

In the last couple of years large parts of the UK have been hit with snowy weather conditions, which for some – particularly those located in more rural areas – may have caused problems getting from A to B.

According to research conducted by, many drivers in Britain are largely unaware of ways in which they might be able to make taking to the roads a little easier in difficult conditions.

The survey found that 37 per cent of people do not know that winter tyres exist, while 31 per cent were uncertain about whether it is possible to buy them in the UK.

This lack of awareness may be largely behind its discovery that at present just six per cent of those getting behind the wheel would consider purchasing winter tyres.

Despite this, being able to get out and about even in poor weather is something that 75 per cent of respondents believe is important.

In some European countries – including Italy, Germany and those in Scandinavia – laws are in place in relation to such tyres.

Although no legislation is in place on these shores, drivers may wish to consider the potential advantages they offer in ice and snow, such as shorter stopping times and better grip.

This could be one way – other than using cleaning materials – that individuals can try and keep their vehicle in its best possible condition.

Car-proud people may also wish to follows the advice of Ray Cox, who writing for the Christian Science Monitor recently suggested that chipping, scratches and oxidation are likely to be issues that affect paintwork as a car ages.

He recommended regularly waxing and washing to minimise the damage caused by the elements.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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