Cars going into storage ‘must be cleaned thoroughly’

Supercar owners and classic car enthusiasts who plan to put their pride and joy into the garage for winter storage should give the motor a thorough clean before covering it and locking it away.

Ian Hardwood, corporate sales and operations manager at Custom Truck Parts, told the Province that this is one of several steps motorists need to follow before they retire their second car for the winter.

Among the materials drivers need apart from car shampoo is car wax, with Mr Hardwood claiming that a generous coating should be applied.

As well as focusing on the outside, interior care is also needed to get rid of any foodstuffs which may have fallen down the sides of the seats and on the floor.

"Give the vehicle a good coat of wax and vacuum the interior. Be sure to clean all the nooks and crannies and under the seats so nothing is left," he told the newspaper.

Dan Strumpf, from the Associated Press, stated that motorists can buy highly effective products from the likes of Meguiar's and Mothers which will do a good job on maintaining the inside of their vehicles.

Posted by James Robson

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