Carnauba wax ‘leaves paintwork slick and protected’

After spending hours washing a car with car shampoo and wash mitts and then taking it a step further with clay bars, drivers need to protect their shiny bodywork.

Without adequate protection in place, all the hard work they put in will have been in vain.

Luckily, there are products designed to provide a shield against the stones, grit and bird droppings that can wreak havoc on a car's paintwork.

Car waxes are essential detailing products and not only will they protect the bodywork, they will also enhance the shine.

This is something highlighted by the team at Victory Detailing when they detailed a client's vehicle recently.

"To deliver a deep glossy shine we applied a coat of carnauba wax … After removing the wax the surface felt slick, coated and protected," the experts said.

According to, it is important to apply car waxes to smooth surfaces for the best results.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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