Carnauba wax leaves Chevrolet ‘with a brilliant shine’

Car waxes are essential products for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, they provide a layer of protection against the elements, ensuring that the paint job does not suffer at the hands of bird droppings, tree sap and bug splats.

The team at Victory Detailing recently employed carnauba wax to breathe new life into a Chevrolet and were pleased with how the vehicle looked at the end of the process.

To begin with, the experts used clay bars to remove surface contaminants before applying and removing the wax.

According to the detailers, the paint shone "brilliantly".

"There truly was a deep and glossy shine after the wax was removed," they noted.

According to, it is essential that car waxes are applied to smooth surfaces for them to have the desired effect.

Drivers should therefore spend time prepping the bodywork, with clay bars a good way to remove imperfections from the panels.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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