Car windscreens ‘must be kept clean’

Washing the carInvesting in car windscreen cleaner is a necessity, as dirty windows pose a threat to drivers’ safety.

According to an entry on the Review Gallery, keeping the windscreen clean is one of the easiest things for motorists to do, however, it is important to use the correct products otherwise the results may not be what is desired.

"It is important that you use a non-streak cleaner when you wash your windshield. Even though streaks might not be as noticeable during the day, at night oncoming headlights can make them seem even worse," the post said.

The entry added that the correct cleaning tools should also be used, as rags may not remove all the dirt, which could mean drivers may wish to invest in microfibre cloths to get the job done properly.

It is important to spray car windscreen cleaner on the glass as opposed to the microfibre cloth, as this helps to avoid streaks, Amy Tokic, writing for, said recently.

Posted by James Brewster

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