Car windscreen cleaner ‘can protect against Legionnaires’

Washing the carDrivers have been urged to use a car windscreen cleaner after the Legionnaires bug was found in water.

The European Journal of Epidemiology reported that a study led by the Health Protection Agency found that legionella bacteria can exist in the water with which windscreens are cleaned.

Motorists who did not use car windscreen cleaner were at the highest risk of having the bug.

No screenwash users were found to have the bug on their cars, but it was present in a fifth of vehicles that did not use the cleaner.

The Health Agency said that about 20 per cent of sporadic cases of Legionnaires disease in communities could be put down to windscreen water carrying the bug.

Meanwhile, the AA has found that many Britons are using their cars and visiting car washes less in an effort to save money.

In its poll, 51 per cent of people said they were planning to cut down on their driving and 20 per cent plan to go longer between services.

Posted by Matt Casson

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