Car wheel cleaners may be required to get a motor ready for spring

Drivers who are preparing their car for the spring might like to purchase some wheel cleaners, if comments from one publication are anything to go by.

According to a piece in the Abbotsford Times, motorists should get the salt and dirt out of their wheel wells, under body and underneath bumpers that has built up from the winter.

Scratch remover could also come in handy as the publication advised individuals to remove medium to light scratches on their vehicle.

Other recommendations included checking tyre pressure, as well as the car's air conditioning system.

This comes after Martyn Collins, writing for Autoblog, advised motorists to give their automobile a spring clean as the winter season fades and the snow becomes a "distant memory".

"So now that the days are longer and warmer it's time to show some love to your car," he stated, plus lighter days could allow drivers more time to clean their motor.

Posted by Matt Casson

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