Car waxes ‘should be applied in a circular motion and in the shade’

When it comes to applying car waxes there are certain things drivers need to bear in mind to ensure they get the desired effect.

Lijo Mathani, writing on Indian Drives, said that car detailing is an art which requires the correct products and techniques if it is to be done correctly.

In terms of waxing, the first task is to choose a product from a reputable company, preferably one which uses Carnauba wax as the base element.

He suggested firms such as Autoglym and Armour All as two organisations which produce top-class waxes.

When it comes to applying it, Mr Mathani stated that it "should be applied in a circular motion and in [the] shade".

He went on to add that these products only need to be used sporadically, with once every three months likely to suffice.

Mike Crimmins, of Bill Walsh Auto Group, recently told the Times that car waxes act like a jacket, protecting the paint from contaminants.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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