Car waxes ‘should be applied every four months’

After devoting a whole afternoon to removing surface contaminants from their vehicle's bodywork drivers will want to protect their hard work and car waxes are the way to do it.

However, the question is how often should they be applied?

Too much of a good thing can be bad and that is certainly true of car waxes.

Add too much and the paint will lose its shine and feel strange to the touch.

Vlad Samarin, editor of, said the best way forward is to apply them every three months.

"I recommend waxing your car every three to four months with a good quality product [like] Carnauba wax," he stated.

The expert explained that car waxes form a thin film across the bodywork, helping to mask minor scratches and swirl marks while protecting exposed areas of the body to water and therefore reducing the chances of rust setting in.

"Car wax gives your car a natural shine and helps to protect the paint from [a] variety of damaging factors," Mr Samarin said.

He went on to discuss the essential preparation that motorists must put in before applying car waxes.

Among the tasks are washing with car shampoo and eradicating minor scratches, which can be accomplished with car scratch remover or car polishes.

"A car paint surface must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before waxing. It's best to remove the hard stains, minor scratches and faded spots before waxing," the expert went on to add.

Senior partner at Waynne Smith said recently that waxes and car sealant are both effective in protecting a car's bodywork from the elements.

Out of the two, he prefers car sealants, as these are easy to apply, last a long time and do not need to be stripped each time a new layer is applied.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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