Car waxes ‘should be applied at least twice a year’

Car waxes are a key part of any enthusiast's detailing kit but they are not something which need to be brought out for every single session.

Chris Prickett, writing for In and Out magazine, said that while washing with car shampoo is something which should be done on a regular basis to stop contaminants from ruining the paint, the same is not true of waxes, which should be applied only a handful of times.

"Wax at least twice a year and wash frequently to minimise damage from the sun," the writer stated.

He also recommended investing in a sun shade to protect the dashboard from the sun's rays when summer does arrive, although those who prefer can treat their interior with car leather care products and vinyl and rubber care solutions.

According to a recent article on, motorists need to remove all of the old wax from their car if they are switching to a new product.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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