Car waxes ‘can make bug removal easier’

Drivers in Virginia are having a hard time with bug splats now that lovebug season has returned, but motorists can make life easier for themselves when it comes to insects by using car waxes.

Eric Cotsenmeyer, director of Lake County's Mosquito and Aquatic Plant Management programme, told that insects can cause significant damage to cars that have not been treated and detailed properly.

While bug cleaner is something that drivers may want to keep as part of their vehicle care kit, applying car waxes will make life easier and protect the paint from any harm.

"They're very acidic. I've seen them take the paint off," Mr Cotsenmeyer told the news provider.

Lauren Fix, an automotive TV analyst known as the Car Coach, told that tree sap is another substance that must be removed from vehicles as soon as possible.

She stated that she gets rid of it within hours of it landing and never lets it sit for too long.

Posted by James Robson

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