Car wax ‘is a windbreaker for motors’

Drivers would not go out in freezing temperatures without the appropriate clothing and it is important they do not let their car face the elements without proper protection.

Mike Crimmins, of Bill Walsh Auto Group, told the Times that car waxes are something which every motorist should have in their locker, otherwise they will be fighting a losing battle against corrosion and damage from the wind, rain and salt on the roads.

He used the example of a person going out into awful weather wearing summer clothing, stating that nobody in their right mind would do this and that it is much the same situation when it comes to vehicles.

Mr Crimmins said that car wax is the protective jacket that motors need.

"It acts like a windbreaker. Would you rather be outside with a T-shirt and no jacket or a windbreaker? It helps protect the paint job a lot," he told the newspaper.

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Posted by Mark Henderson

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