Car wax costing £24,000 revealed

Car wax which will soon be the most expensive in Britain is set to be unveiled in London over the next few days.

Due to be launched at a prestigious venue in the capital this month, the newly-created Definitive Wax Marble comes with a price tag of £24,000 a pot.

This high price tag, which sets the product far apart from nearly all other car waxes on the market, is partly down to the fact that it boasts locally-sourced beeswax and imported Brazilian carnauba wax among its ingredients.

The wax also comes in a stylish white and grey marble cube.

However, while the cost is unlikely to be too much of an obstacle to multimillionaires keen to invest in the best car exterior care products for their Ferraris or Aston Martins, many ordinary motorists are likely to stick with products such as Mothers California Gold Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax, which works wonders while costing a fraction of the price.

So far just one pot of the luxurious wax has so far been produced, with this already owned by the London-based prestigious vehicle specialists Brough & Howarth.

The Philippine Star recently recommended Mothers Pure Carnauba Wax as being a very effective car wax.

Posted by James Robson

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