Car wax ‘can make paint shine like new’

Drivers who are keen to get their motor's paint shiny should use car wax, it has been suggested.

Aislinn Sarnacki, writing for the Bangor Daily News, said individuals should apply car wax to protect a vehicle against muddy roads and make the paintwork look like new.

She advised washing a motor by firstly soaking it to remove heavy contaminants, then using an automotive cleaner and sponge or car mitt to wash the automobile in sections.

"Use a different mitt or sponge to clean tires and rims in order to reduce the chance of scratching your vehicle's paint with dirt you might pick up from those area," Ms Sarnacki recommended, adding people should rinse the car more than they think is necessary.

Her comments come after Don Scalzott, manager at US-based Mason's Auto and Tyre Store, said car wax can be used to help ensure a motor is kept pollen-free.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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