Car washing ‘isn’t as easy as people think’

Car washing 'isn't as easy as people think'

There is more to washing a car than simply rubbing a wet sponge all over it, as there are different products such as car shampoo and wax which do different jobs.

Asberry “Berry” Conyers, owner of C’s Auto Detail Shop, told the Anniston Star that the key to getting that perfect finish is knowing exactly what to use and where to use it.

“It ain’t as easy as people think it is,” he stated.

His cousin and co-owner of the shop Emory Cray echoed his comments, saying “you have to know what’s what”.

There are several factors which influence how a car is washed, for example, black vehicles are the most difficult to clean as they show a lot of streaks, while silver motors are the easiest, the pair added.

According to Shane Watson, from the Car Guide, owners should apply the car shampoo and wash from the top to the bottom, doing one side at a time, to get the best results.

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