Car washes ‘won’t get rid of bird droppings properly’

Drivers who are becoming increasingly frustrated about bird droppings on their car should clean the vehicle by hand with dedicated car exterior cleaning products rather than take it to a car wash.

Freelance writer Phil Reusch said in an entry on Ezine Articles that treating bird droppings with car exterior care products is something which should be done as quickly as possible, as they can ruin the paint.

"You need to get a cleaning solution that is designed for this problem. There are cleaners out there that are strong enough to even get off tree sap, which is very sticky," he stated.

Mr Reusch added that drivers should resist the temptation to go to a car wash to try and get the droppings off the body, as the majority of the time they do not get everything off.

A similar point was recently made by Vivian Summers, writing on the Car Show blog, who stated that under no circumstances should motorists use dish soap instead of car shampoo when tackling the job.

Posted by James Robson

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