Car vinyl cleaner ‘should protect against UV rays’

When selecting a car vinyl cleaner it is important that drivers
choose one which offers protection against UV rays and heat.

That is according to automotive journalist James Clausen, who
said in an entry on that the exposure to sunlight and
heat can see the dashboard and other vinyl surfaces crack and fade
over time.

Car vinyl cleaner can help slow this process down considerably
however, motorists must ensure they choose the right one.

“It is important that the product is specially designed to
protect the vehicle’s vinyl components against heat and UV rays.
The product’s label should clearly state that it’s formulated for
vinyl protection against heat and UV rays,” the writer added.

One vinyl cleaner which will protect the dash from the effects
of sunlight is Mothers Protectant.

The formula protects for as long as 30 days, meaning motorists
need only apply it once every month or so.

Posted by Simone Williams

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