Car upkeep ‘vital in winter’

Good car maintenance is vital in the cold winter months, motorists have been advised.

The Toronto sun noted there are various steps motorists can take to maintain their vehicle when very cold weather strikes, with the Canadian city in the grip of a typically freezing winter.

Automotive expert Pat Clancy advised drivers if they have a coolant problem it must be related to their interior heating, adding: "You need a good battery and … washer fluid – something that's good for -40C to -49C."

He went on to state people tend not to buy engine block heater any more than usual until February, by which time they have had considerable trouble keeping their engines going through the coldest weather.

The paper also suggested a well-charged battery and winter tyres are important for helping see a car through a winter, all of which may be considered by UK drivers should the severe conditions of December return.

According to the UK met office, Britain endured its coldest ever December in 2010 and coldest year overall since 1986, despite the global temperature being the second highest on record.

Posted by Matt Casson

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