Car shampoos ‘are gentle on paint, plastic and rubber’

Car washWhen it comes to washing a car it is important to use specific car exterior care products such as car shampoo, which is specially designed to be gentle on the paintwork.

According to the Superior Shine blog, car shampoo is also friendly to the plastic and rubber parts of the vehicle as well.

"Most high-quality car wash shampoos are very gentle on the paint, plastic and rubber. A good car wash shampoo provides good lubrication between the wash mitt and the surface of the car to prevent scratching," the source claims.

Motorists should also adopt a two-bucket approach when washing their car.

The blog claims that having one bucket with soapy water and another with rinse water will mean no dirt will get into the first receptacle and that the suds will last longer.

According to the Electrostatic Air Cleaner blog, not washing a car is tantamount to neglecting it.

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