Car shampoo ‘should always be fit for purpose’

Car owners given tips on car polishes

Motorists who like their car to look gleaming at all times need to make sure that they choose the right products, it has been urged.
According to an article on Boosh News, motorists need to use products specifically designed for cleaning cars to ensure the best finish.

“These non-detergent products will cause no harm to the wax on your car’s body and therefore ensure better cleaning,” the source advised.

It offered more tips and encouraged car washers to make sure they properly dry off their vehicle after cleaning, to prevent streaks and marks spoiling the gleaming finish. As well as this, any car shampoo product residue left on the paint should be thoroughly washed off to make sure no damage or corrosion occurs.

Meanwhile, the Autogeek Online Car Care Blog recently advised car cleaners to make sure they use car sealant before car wax when trying to achieve a high shine.

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