Car shampoo: good for salt and sand on car undercarriage?

Drivers may want to use car shampoo in order to ensure the undercarriage of their vehicle is free of sand and salt.

Speaking on WWLP-TV's Mass Appeal show, Ed Malikowski of Mal Brothers Auto recommends washing salt and sand from this part of the car whenever the roads outside are dry, preferably using a hose to rinse the vehicle several times.

He said that doing so can help to "prolong the life of the car", as it is "critical" that the undercarriage is kept free of debris because salt can cause the panels located there to deteriorate.

The comments come shortly after the Windsor Star's Grace Macaluso suggested that the cold weather makes grit and salt a particular problem when it comes to maintaining the appearance of a car.

She recommended using a good quality car shampoo to cleanse a vehicle's interiors and to regularly clean the outside of the car.

Posted by Simone Williams

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