Car shampoo ‘can prepare a motor for warmer weather’

Individuals looking to ready their motor for the warmer weather ahead may find using car shampoo is the perfect way to get it in tip-top condition.

Writing for Upper Macungie Patch, Tom De Martini noted giving a vehicle a good clean is an essential part of preparing it for spring and summer.

The expert noted it has been a long winter for many – and automobiles are likely to have suffered as a consequence.

He explained salts and anti-skids will have taken their toll, adding: "None of that is good, especially for the exterior, where salt deposits can cause rust."

And motorists may want to make sure they use microfibre cloths on the inside and outside of their cars, as Mr De Martini observed cleaning both of these will do a "world of good" for a motor.

Writing recently for North Shore News, Ashley Macdonald described rust as a car killer and noted the problem often occurs when metal is exposed to moisture or air for a long time.

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