Car shampoo and wash mitts ‘are must-haves for car exterior care’

Car shampoo and wash mitts 'are must-haves for car exterior care'

The first stage in giving one’s car some love and attention top restore it to its former glory is making sure the right car exterior care products are used to clean it.

Debbie Murphy, writing for, said that cleaning a vehicle to a high level can give drivers a sense of pride and satisfaction, but achieving the desired finish requires the right tools.

Car shampoo should be used as opposed to washing-up liquid and other alternatives, as “good car washes are pH balanced and contain gloss enhancers”.

Another important purchase is wash mitts, with Ms Murphy claiming that drivers should ideally get two.

“The idea here is to avoid transferring grit from the top of the car to the side panels,” she added.

Drivers who take the time to perform car exterior care themselves will actually be saving money by doing so.

According to the Top Cool Cars blog, buying cleaning products and performing the maintenance tasks is a cost-effective way of keeping the vehicle looking clean and fresh.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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