Car sealants ‘offer maximum protection’

With the UK experiencing another harsh winter savvy drivers will have already applied car waxes to their bodywork to keep the elements at bay, but going one step further and investing in a car sealant will give them even greater protection.

That is according to Harpeet Singh, writing for Blog Mera, who stated that the absolute bear minimum for motorists is to apply car wax to their paint to prevent grit and salt ruining it.

He stated that there is little excuse for not taking this step and pointed out that using cheap car waxes and old cloths rather than applicator pads and top-quality products will do more harm than good.

Summing up, Mr Singh recommended investing in car sealants for the extra barrier they provide.

"This way all the impurities will be avoided and your car's paint will benefit from great protection," he added.

If using car sealants, car waxes and car polish, motorists must ensure they use separate microfibre cloths to apply each product, Christine Harrell, writing for US Wiping Materials, said recently.

Posted by Simone Williams

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