Car sealants ‘are easier to apply than other car wax’

Ford FocusWhen it comes to buying car wax there are two variants which drivers can choose from.

According to, the first thing is for motorists to realise that polish and wax are not the same thing and once they have applied car polish they should then look to finish with car wax or car sealant.

There are two choices of wax which drivers can choose from, with the first being carnauba wax and the second choice car sealants.

The website suggested that the latter is the best option for non-professionals to use.

"Traditional carnauba wax buffs to a deep, glossy luster. Newer synthetic waxes (sometimes called sealers) tend to be easier to apply and last longer," the source added.

Another car exterior care products drivers may wish to invest in is a clay bar.

According to Marc Howe, writing on Top Cool Cars, clay bars can revitalise a vehicle’s bodywork and remove dirt specks, paint vortexes and other marks which can make a car look old and tired.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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