Car sealant ‘should be used before car wax’

Car sealant 'should be used before car wax'

Drivers unsure of what order certain car exterior care products should be used in have been advised to use car sealant before applying car wax.

According to the Autogeek Online Car Care Blog, car waxes usually contain an oily additive designed to make them easier to use and this is a key reason why it is put on afterwards.

“If you were to apply wax first and then a paint sealant on top, these oils would inhibit the paint sealant’s ability to bond to the paint. This method is likely to result in a cloudy, streaky finish,” the source said.

Car sealants are not made with these same oils and the website added that it can take as long as 12 hours for it to bond with the finish.

Only after this process is complete should car wax be applied on top of it.

Buying car sealant online may work out cheaper than purchasing it from a high street outlet, with Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at, recently stating that in many instances there are savings to be made shopping on the internet.

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