Car sealant ‘key to a winning shine’

Those who love their vehicles want them to look their best and that means a deep shine is a must.

According to an article in the Hindustan Times, that means car waxes or car sealants need to be employed.

After using car shampoo and bug cleaner to rid the bodywork of dirt, grime and other imperfections which will ruin the shine, it is important to protect all the hard work drivers have put in.

"To maintain the finish, apply a coat of wax or a vehicle paint protection sealant," the news provider stated.

In terms of cleaning, the source said that drivers should use a mild car wash, although those really keen to protect their paint may be better washing by hand.

Brad Will, from Reflections Auto Salon, said recently that detailing a vehicle is just as important as changing the oil, as taking time to protect the bodywork will reduce the wear and tear caused by dirt, grit and other contaminants.

Posted by Matt Casson

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