Car sealant ‘is the difference between a good and a great look’

Car waxes are essential in protecting the bodywork from the elements but drivers who want their vehicle to have that showroom shine must invest in car sealants, it has been claimed.

According to an article on CarTech Autoparts, car sealants perform the dual role of enhancing the shine and providing another protective barrier, making them an essential part of every detailer's kit.

The source said that there is little point in having a powerful engine, flawless alloys and a nice interior if the bodywork looks old and tired, which is why motorists need to invest in the correct products.

While car wax and car polishes will give the paint a good look, applying car sealants will take it to the next level.

"If you've ever seen a new car commercial and wondered just how they got the paint to look so shiny, there is a 99 per cent chance that they used car paint sealant," the website went on to add.

A recent article in the Hindustan Times made a similar point, stating that applying car sealants is taking detailing to a new level.

Posted by Matt Casson

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