Car sealant ‘is the best way to protect your paint’

A car's paint job is subjected to punishment from the elements on a daily basis and it is imperative that drivers take steps to protect it, with car sealants the best way of doing this.

According to Reflections Auto Salon, car sealants are better at protecting a car's paint than traditional carnauba car waxes and they also last significantly longer as well.

"The benefit is that the paint is protected from the beginning from environmental factors such as the sun, road grime, bugs, sap and road salt," the company claims.

As well as offering a good shield, car sealants will make it easier for drivers to clean their car, as they prevent dirt and other elements from binding to the body.

According to David Zenlea from, as well as offering greater protection for a longer period of time, car sealants are also easier to apply than traditional car waxes.

Posted by Simone Williams

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