Car polishes could be a preferred choice for drivers’ money

Drivers who would prefer to spend their cash on car polishes rather than repairs this winter may wish to consider fitting winter tyres to their vehicle, if suggestions are anything to go by.

According to Mike Wise, managing director fleet at, making such a change can hold advantages for drivers in lower temperatures, reducing the risk of accidents occurring.

These benefits are noticeable "not just in high-speed incidents, but also in the far more common scenario of a driver scraping or denting a vehicle (or two) as a result of losing traction while manoeuvring".

Although a scratch remover can go some way to improving the appearance of grazes most drivers would probably prefer for such incidents to be avoided in the first place.

This follows recent comments by Mike Sutton, writing for Car and Driver, suggesting that motorists should make use of car polishers once a year and use wax every couple of months for the best results.  

Posted by James Robson

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