Car polishers not for the faint-hearted?

When it comes to applying car polishes, drivers can either do it by hand using microfibre cloths and lots of elbow grease, or they can invest in car polishers, which will do the hard work for them.

While the latter may appeal in terms of speed and effort, motorists must not think they can just pick it up, plug it in and set off.

There are some orbitals that are pretty straightforward, however, there are others which are anything but.

Darren Chang, writing for AsiaOne, has made this same point, stating that there is a steep learning curve involved with such devices.

"Centrifugal speed, pad pressure, heat dissipation, torque loading and a host of factors can vary the results," the writer stated.

Michael Burk, owner of a car detailing business, told the Seaside Signal recently that car polish is like sunscreen for cars and is vital to achieving a good overall look.

Posted by Simone Williams

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