Car polishers ‘deliver an even finish’

Car polishes are the difference between a vehicle looking good and it having that glistening showroom shine.

Using microfibre cloths and applying them by hand is one way of doing it, however, the truth is that this is a time-consuming way of going about it.

The other option is to use car polishers, which are machines designed to shine up the car and save the driver from arm ache in the process.

One of the biggest benefits of using an automatic tool to do the job is that the finish will be the same from front to back, according to AsiaOne's Darren Chang.

"You can't beat it for an even finish for every square inch, letting you concentrate on finessing your technique and exploring the different detailing products available," he added.

According to Auto Express, using car polishers is not only quicker, the quality of the work is often superior to what it would be hand it been done by hand.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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