Car polish ‘is like sunscreen for vehicles’

Motorists would not go out into the sun without putting cream on and they should not send their vehicles out without being treated with car polishes.

That is the view of Michael Burk, owner of a car detailing business, who told the Seaside Signal that with people under economic strain, more and more are looking to keep their cars for longer and that means they need to look after them.

When it comes making them look good, it is about using the correct products and car polishes fall into that category.

"It's like putting sunscreen on your body, you have to polish your car and take care of it in these elements to have it look good," Mr Burk told the news provider.

A recent article on asiaonemotoring stated that car polishers do a more effective job than applying the products by hand.

While hand polishing can be done to a good standard, a machine will take it to a new level.

Posted by James Robson

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