Car maintenance ‘can save money in the long run’

Adopting a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance – which could include using car shampoo and clay bars – could save drivers money in the long run, it has been claimed.

Rich White, executive director at the Car Care Council, stated that with the weather beginning to turn, it is important motorists take steps to look after their motor.

As well as keeping it looking good, car maintenance can also ensure the vehicle is safe for both the person driving it and other road users.

"Developing regular car care habits can help alleviate costly repairs down the road," Mr White said.

It is not just the appearance that owners need to concern themselves with.

Adverse weather conditions make it crucial that the motor is in proper working order and the expert urged drivers to prepare to avoid any mishaps.

"Whether you take your car to a local mechanic or do it yourself, an overall inspection of your vehicle now will go a long way to ensuring reliability and safety when severe weather hits," Mr White went on to add.

AutoMedia has suggested several steps motorists can take, including checking tyre pressure and having an emergency kit in the car should the worst happen and they are involved in an accident or become stuck in snow.

In addition, glass cleaner and car plastic cleaner could come in handy, with the company claiming that clear windows and headlights are essential in times of poor weather.

Vad Samarin, editor at, said recently that car owners must ensure their windscreen wiper blades are in top condition.

He stated that sand and dirt can become trapped under the blades, which means they can leave tiny scratches on the glass and possibly affect visibility.

The expert went on to add that if the blades do not work properly, replacing them with new ones is not that expensive.

Posted by Simone Williams

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