Car leather conditioner and cleaner ‘is like moisturiser for cars’

After completing a full exterior detail with car shampoo, car polishes and clay bars, drivers should switch their attention to the interior and clean every surface.

Roy Vazquez, who is in charge of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail that car interior care is a painstaking process but doing it to a high standard is essential.

He recommended treating every surface, nook and cranny inside the motor, meaning drivers will need car leather care products and vinyl and rubber care solutions.

It is the former spray which is the most important, as it performs the same function as moisturising cream does for humans.

"It's just like lotion for humans. It moisturises your vinyls and leathers. If you leave stuff untreated, it will dry and wrinkle and crack," Mr Vazquez told the news provider.

Gina Budhai, managing partner at Car Pool Detail, told the Richmond Times Dispatch recently that proper car interior cleaning products are essential to get rid of bacteria as well as odours, meaning basic fragrance sprays are not enough.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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