Car leather care ‘is essential’

Many drivers can boast about having leather seats in their cars but unless they invest in the correct car leather conditioner and cleaner, they will not have much to shout about for very long.

According to CarTech Autoparts, using car leather care solutions on a regular basis will keep the interior looking fresh and new by cleaning and protecting the surfaces.

Before investing in car leather conditioner and cleaner, it is important to ascertain the type of leather present in the interior and select a solution which is made to work on that particular type.

The website went on to add that car leather care is particularly important when there is a lot of sunshine, as this can fade the leather colouring and make the seats look old and tired.

There are a number of car leather conditioners and cleaners for drivers to choose from, including the Gliptone GT13.5 Leather Conditioner with Water Repellent, which is ideal for those with convertibles.

Posted by Matt Casson

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