Car interior care ‘requires more than just spraying nice fragrances’

When it comes to car exterior cleaning, many drivers use the right tools such as car waxes, car polish and microfibre cloths, however, not everybody devotes the same care and attention to the inside.

Gina Budhai, managing partner at Car Pool Detail, told the Richmond Times Dispatch that she has had to deal with many cases of interior neglect, finding everything from dead mice to snakes.

Whether it is vomit, fire odours, mould, mildew or faeces, Ms Budhai said that she always uses car interior care products, which could include car leather care solutions, car plastic polish and car air fresheners.

"You have to get rid of the bacteria and the odour … too many times consumers think that surface cleaning and spraying perfume fragrances in a vehicle's interior will solve the problem," she told the newspaper.

Krishna King, after-sales parts manager at Bermuda Motors, wrote for the BDA Sun recently that car interior care is an intricate process and not something which can be rushed or done half-heartedly.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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