Car interior care ‘requires 5 easy steps’

Car interior care not only gives a good impression of the driver it also enhances the overall appeal of the vehicle and drivers can keep their interior looking fresh with a few simple steps.

According to the 701Panduan blog, vacuuming the carpets is job one, as this will get rid of dust, dirt and fluff which may have built up.

The second step is to clean the carpets, which could involve the use of interior car shampoo.

Next, the upholstery needs to be cleaned, with car leather cleaner and trim cleaning solutions required to remove any stains and restore some lustre to the seats.

The blog went on to add that the dashboard should be cleaned as well, with dedicated car cleaning products and microfibre cloths the best way forward.

Finally, car air fresheners should be used to maintain an attractive smell in the vehicle.

Steve Carter, writing in the Argonaut, said that car interior cleaning is just as – if not more – important as exterior cleaning.

Posted by Matt Casson

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