Car interior care ‘is a meticulous process’

Cleaning the interior of a car is just as important as maintaining the outside and to do the job properly drivers need a range of items, including glass cleaner, leather conditioner and microfibre cloths.

Krishna King, after-sales parts manager at Bermuda Motors, wrote for the BDA Sun that simply vacuuming the carpets and seats is not enough, as there is dirt in crevices, vents and other parts of the cabin.

When cleaning the inside windows, glass cleaner and microfiber cloths should be used, while car leather care requires special conditioners.

He stated that motorists will need tools to get at hard to reach areas, with car swabs one possible solution.

Mr King added that car plastic polish and dash cleaners should also be used to brighten up the interior.

"A regular cleaning and maintenance routine for your vehicle's interior is as important as the care you give the exterior," he said.

Posted by Simone Williams

Nick Vacco, writing for Professional Carwashing and Detailing, said recently that interior detailing should begin at the top of the cabin with the headliner and gradually move down from there.

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