Car interior care ‘includes the windows’

Man washing carWhen cleaning the interior of a car, it is important that drivers do not forget to clean the windows.

Amy Tokic, writing for, stated that owners will notice the difference straight away when they use dedicated windscreen cleaner and microfibre cloth on the inside.

"You’ll be surprised how much clearer you’ll be able to see the road," she said.

For the rest of the interior, owners must first remove any unnecessary objects from the vehicle and then vacuum thoroughly to pick up loose dirt.

Then they should tackle the seats, with Ms Tokic recommending that drivers use specific cleaning products designed for cars, which could include car leather care and other solutions.

"When washing any surfaces, make sure you’re using a dedicated car wash product and soft sponge," she added.

Joe McDonald, from the Car Cleaning Guru, recently stated that rubber mats must also be cleaned properly with dedicated cleaning products.

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