Car interior care ‘crucial during winter time’

When grit and salt are put on the roads to combat ice a big concern for drivers is the damage it will do to their bodywork, but while car exterior care using car waxes and a car sealant are important, the interior needs just as much love and attention.

According to Refresh Your Car, while washing with car shampoo before and after journeys on gritted roads is essential to protect from corrosion, drivers must also realise that the dirt they bring inside their vehicle is damaging as well.

"Winter travel is also hard on interiors. Mud, water and grit all build up on interior surfaces and cause stains, discolouration and cause premature wear," the company stated.

Motorists are advised to invest in car air fresheners to get rid of any unpleasant odours, while vacuuming and wiping down surfaces with car vinyl and rubber care products will also help to keep the interior looking fresh.

Drivers also need to use glass cleaner and make sure the inside windows are as blemish free as possible.

Gina Budhai, managing partner at Car Pool Detail, told the Richmond Times Dispatch recently that car interior care requires more than a quick wipe down and spraying nice scents every so often.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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