Car exterior care ‘requires cleansing, protecting and correcting’

Car exterior care revolves around three things – cleaning, protecting and correcting.

That is according to the Cheap Used Cars Online blog, many people leave car exterior care to professional organisations, however, there is no need to as people can do most of it themselves.

The main points to remember are that the process is made up of three parts.

To begin with, drivers must wash their car with dedicated products such as car shampoo, with the blog adding that a clay bar can take this a step further.

Following on from that comes correcting, which involves the use of car polishes or car scratch remover to get rid of imperfections and add some lustre to the paint.

The final tip the blog offers is to protect the paint from the elements with car waxes and other exterior care products.

Drivers may also want to invest in car sealants, with Reflections Auto Salon recently claiming that they are more effective than traditional carnauba waxes.

Posted by Matt Casson

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